Driftwood Stump


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All Driftwood is naturally fallen & harvested from lakes & streams in NC. These pieces measures aprox 18 -24in x 38 in. Driftwood is scrubbed, steamed, sanded & finished to preserve the beauty for years to come. Cedar Driftwood will have auburn & maroon patches throughout contrasting the silver Fish perfectly.

While each wind chime is unique I guarantee each is just as amazing as the one pictured above. Still not sure? Take a look & see what others have had to say about my Spoon Fish Wind Chimes

All fish are strung upon a spider wire, a very durable fishing line. Suited for both indoor & outdoor use. The wonderful Silver-plated fish will age to golden patina over time, if a more polished look is desired fish may be gently scrubbed with the included polishing pad. Each of these wind chimes comes with an easy care packet.

2 Reviews for Driftwood Stump

  • Amanda Berg - Sept 26, 2016

    I made specific requests to have a small, dainty, floral keychain, and I got exactly what I asked for! I was also very surprised at how quickly it shipped. Everything that I hoped for!

  • Mallory Mettes - April 26, 2016

    This was a gift for my husband...it was our 5th anniversary and since we both love to fish, it was the perfect gift and he absolutely loved it as much as I did! Thank you so much!

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