Putz Village Ornament Kit


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Feeling that holiday creative spirit? Make my DIY Putz Village Ornament Kit into a beautiful set of ornaments with a few basic craft supplies & your own creative touch! This DIY kit includes four putz house ornament designs at a special price! Make them for yourself or someone on your gift list...they're sooo easy & cute!

This DIY Christmas Village Kit includes Cottage, Chalet, & Colonial Houses+ a Church to make a village of 4 Christmas Glitter House Decorations! These decorations range from 3" – 4.75"tall x 3.5" wide x 3.5" deep (7.6 cm – 12 cm tall x 8.9 cm wide x 8.9 cm deep)

This Putz Village Ornament Kit includes pre cut & scored bristol board house pieces + all these accessories to embellish your ornament!

2 Reviews for Putz Village Ornament Kit

  • Violeta Hummer - Sept 26, 2016

    I just love these kits. Bought this set for Christmas gifts 2016! Everyone wanted one once they saw mine! Thank you for the beautiful packaging, too.

  • Martha Sharma - April 26, 2016

    These are well made and easy to assemble. The accessories are great as they make putting everything together quick and fun!

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